Are you a local, and can you keep a secret..?

Paddington – the go to destination for groove and funk.

People love Paddington for its subtle class and vibrant soul. The heart of Paddington lays between the lines of tradition and modernality.

For some it represents yesteryear whilst others call it home to spunk and funk.

Wherever your passions lay Paddington offers something for everyone.

Come explore our something special. Connect with its soul and depart with a sense of belonging.

Whether pushing a pram, walking a dog or exploring Paddington’s nooks and crannies one thing is certain, there truly is something for everyone.

Try Alementri for coffee, 10 William for atmosphere and The Wine Library for you guessed it!

Anything and everything in between, Paddington is the place to be. Shush, don’t tell the locals I talked it up.

They want their secrets to prevail.

Have fun!



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