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Paddington by the numbers

Demographics and data on our town
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Ever wondered about what what makes up the sum total that is – of living in Paddington? In this post we’ll cover Paddington by the numbers.

Paddington area and location

The suburb of Paddington is contained within a total area of 1.5 km2 and is is bordered to the west by Darlinghurst, to the east by Centennial Park and Woollahra, to the north by Edgecliff and Rushcutters Bay and to the south by Moore Park. Paddington is located 3 kilometres to the east of Sydney’s CBD.

Paddington population

According to the 2011 Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics tells us the population of Paddington was 12,134. Given the total area, and number of people, Paddington is a very densely populated suburb. Unless redevelopment occurs (and yes we mean apartments but no we don’t like the idea) any further growth in population may be unsustainable. Great if you own property here!

Paddington Commerce

By our count there is a total of 1,035 businesses located in Paddington – See our business directory if you want to count them all yourself. Paddo is known for it’s fashion and pub culture but there is a wide variety of businesses operating in the 2021 Paddington postcode.

Paddington Pubs

We’re a thirsty bunch so it makes sense there are a number of very busy watering holes. There are 16 hotels in Paddo by our count – and we’ll be reviewing them all at some stage.

Paddington Art Galleries

Paddo is known for it’s thriving Arts community and the number of art galleries seem to support this. There always seems to be an art exhibition somewhere. At last count there were a total of 15 art galleries in all.

Paddington Schools

Although consisting of eleven schools in total it’s interesting to note there are no secondary schools in Paddington.

We’ll be updating this post as new numbers come to hand – so stay tuned!



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