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Paddington pub crawl

We've compiled a great list of pubs for you
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First thing is first. We are all for responsible service of alcohol, as well as its consumption. But if you are prepared to keep the non-alcoholic fluids up, and eat well, maybe you’ll be able to take on the Paddington Pub Crawl.

Paddington Pub Crawl Map

We created this Google Map to give you an idea of the journey ahead should you choose to undertake it…

This seems to be the most efficient route for the Paddington pub craw, and you can step straight onto a bus afterward, but you can start from anywhere.

The Olympic Hotel

If you follow anything with a bat and / or ball involved this is the place to be. The Olympic Hotel is just across the road from Allianz Stadium and the Sydney Cricket Ground. We don’t recommend commencing the crawl here after a night game – unless you are a world class sprinter!

Olympic Hotel Paddington

The Olympic Hotel: Moore Park Road, Paddington

308 Moore Park Rd, Paddington

Light Brigade Hotel

Okay, so not officially a ‘Paddo’ pub but how could we leave the Light Brigade out of this crawl. Afterall, it’s largely downhill from here (geographically speaking of course). After having recently undergone a makeover it’s definitely worth checking out. The rooftop is perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Light Brigade Hotel Woollhara

The Light Brigade Hotel: Oxford Street Woollhara

2A Oxford St, Woollahra

Lord Dudley Hotel

Craft beers, hearty meals and a magnificent fireplace makes the Lord Dudley a must. This writer has met many an expat British man & woman in this cozy – and still family owned – English pub. Make sure you say hello to Honor and Claire when you arrive, and order a bloody pint!

Lord Dudley Hotel

Lord Dudley Hotel: Jersey Road, Woollhara

236 Jersey Rd, Woollahra

Bellevue Hotel

Established in 1880 the Bellevue Hotel has long been known as a great neighbourhood local for casual drinks, delicious food, and friendly service. It’s most recent renovation has seen major structural work take place, replacing walls, floors, and the roof of the building in places.

Bellevue Hotel

Bellevue Hotel: Hargrave Street Paddington.

159 Hargrave St, Paddington

Four in Hand Hotel

This is one place we recommend getting a feed. The Four in Hand is one of the great Gastropubs of Sydney. And if you arrive between 6-7pm on a Sunday you could always ‘toss the boss’ for a free drink! Double entendres aside this is a great pub with a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Four In Hand Hotel Paddington

Four in Hand Hotel: Sutherland Street, Paddington.

105 Sutherland St, Paddington

The Grand National Hotel

Don’t despair if you opted out of your feed before the walk uphill. You’re sure to be needing sustenance and thankfully The Grand National Hotel is the ideal place to hit the spot. Thank God for Paddo Gastropubs (if you believe in that stuff). Okay, you’re now on the home stretch. It’s all downhill from here – well sort of…

Grand National Hotel Paddington

The Grand National Hotel: Underwood Street, Paddington.

161 Underwood St, Paddington

The London Tavern

As far as Sunday sessions go, word is The London is up there with the best. Roasts all day and $10 bloody Marys. Doesn’t sound like a bad place to start the pub crawl actually – just saying!

The London Hotel Paddington

The London Hotel: Underwood Street, Paddington.

85 Underwood St, Paddington

The Royal Hotel

Now you have your breath back, enjoy the stroll (or roll) down to Five Ways. There you will find the Royal Hotel. Camp on the verandah or head up to the Elephant Bar & rooftop. You’re almost there now. You can start celebrating your efforts!

The Royal Hotel Paddington

The Royal Hotel: Five Ways. Paddington.

237 Glenmore Road Paddington

The Imperial Hotel

Time to come up to Oxford Street for air (downhill was a figurative term as you have realised by now) and hit the iconic Imperial Hotel. It’s in the heart of town, and great pace for a breather – maybe even a schooner (low carb / lite or maybe of the h2O variety).

Imperial Hotel: Five Ways, Paddington.

Imperial Hotel: Five Ways, Paddington.

252 Oxford St, Paddington

Your journey is now complete! All there is left to do is hop onto a bus, or jump into a cab. Time to go home, and be sure to hydrate before you go to sleep. Otherwise you will have one helluva hangover.

So when are you going to do the Paddington pub crawl?



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